Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Precious Fragile Little Thing...

I have made my NaNoWriMo account. I'm excited and nervous. I really want to win this and accomplish something so we shall see. It's over here. Also, my website is updated with a new picture, new playlist and a link to my NaNo profile. :) (That's over here.)

The new journaling idea has been working out so far. It's actually helping with plotting, so I'm gonna be keeping that up. It's been fun. I try to take some time out of my lunch hour to do some writing and it's been successful. Also, I try to do something writing related when I get home too, so that I'm not all distracted by the internet. Trying to get ready for next month. I'm seriously doing this and I wanted to try this for a few years now. Last year was a half-hearted attempt. This year, I'm going to do this.

So for now, I'm going to write away from the computer and that temptress, the internet, while I'm waiting for dinner to be ready. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New thoughts!

So, I'm going to be attempting a new writing exercise inspired by Amie. Her prompt last week to write a letter from your character. Well, since I've got more than my fair share of characters rolling around in my brain, my idea is to write a journal as the character. I had done this a long time ago as part of a role playing game I was playing online at the time. The character had lost her boyfriend and suddenly she was just lost and that wasn't like her. So she went on hiatus from the game and I write a private journal for her. It worked out really when and when she got back to the game, she was more like herself. Yes, there was heart break still, which was obvious since she'd lost her love, but she was the character in my head, not the one who had managed to come out of my fingers. So that's my new idea. We'll see how well it goes. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A random burst of inspiration

So I was sitting at my computer, admittedly goofing off and listening to music and something hit me, a little bit of my new novel. I know that I haven't shared anything of that here so here it is. A little for those of you who read this. It comes from last Monday's prompt from The Writer Chick.

Izzy sat at her desk, computer on in front of her and her headphones plugged in. Looks like her iTunes had it in for her, a sappy love song with a waltz beat to currently blasting in her ears, making her heart tighten. She still missed him and it had been a year. School was going to start in a couple of weeks and all she had on her mind was the boy she'd killed. Her fingers were poised over the keys but nothing was coming out. She couldn't get out a word, not even in her journal. It was killing her to keep this all inside.

Suddenly, from the world outside the earbuds, a hip hop beat. Frowning, she pulled one out of her ear and glanced at her closed bedroom door. That couldn't have been Helene. She didn't listen to that kind of stuff. Pausing her music, Isadora stood and moved to the door, tucking her hands in the pocket of her hoodie. The music was coming from the spare bedroom down the hall.

The door was cracked open and she could see someone swaying to the beat, leaning over the bed. Curious, she pushed the door open and the redhead whirled on her.


"Hey, cousin!" The other siren smiled at her, the smile that meant trouble, plain and simple. This was not good. "Guess who's moving in!"

“She’s just staying with us for a little while. Her mother miscarried again. And I thought you liked your cousin.” Tessa looked at her youngest daughter, a slightly annoyed look on her face. “Besides, she’s soon to be marked, like you. It’s time you started to spend time with sirens your age, talked about getting ready to join the council. There is so much in your future, little one. It’s time you started to get ready for it instead of hiding in your room.”

“I go out, Mom.” She flopped down on the bed as her mother was getting ready to go out. “Lena and I went out two nights ago. I even picked up a sailor.” It wasn’t something she was proud of, but she knew her mother worried. Helene had all but forced her on the boy and she knew she had no choice. She couldn’t disappoint them.

“Is it really that bad that I don’t hang out with girls from the coven?”

Her mother looked at her in the mirror as she put in her earrings. “It reflects poorly on me, little one. I’m one of the prominent members of the coven’s council of elders and my own daughter wants nothing to do with other sirens. It is that bad.” Tessa smiled sympathetically and spritzed perfumes on her wrists and neck and moved to sit next to her daughter. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I’m going through a lot right now. I have to get pregnant, Randa’s here and my sister is having a hard time with this miscarriage. You know how bad I got last time. This is worse for her.”

She knew her aunt Aria had three in a row and her mother only had one. At least the birth before that had been a boy. That was excusable. Poor Aria. Sighing, Isadora pushed herself off the bed. “Alright. I’ll see if any of the girls want to go out with us tonight.”

Tessa smiled. “That’s my girl.” She stood and kissed her forehead before heading out of the bedroom and towards the stairs. “Make sure you watch out for each other. And try not to get blood on your dress, little one!”

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now it's time to go...

Oh, look. Another month went by and I haven't posted. I promise you that I have been writing during that time though. I'm putting together a new novel idea and it's working out pretty well at the moment. It's unique (or so I'm told) so we shall see. It's taking the Greek mythology surrounding sirens and modernizing it. So all of my fingers and toes are crossed on this one.

Real life has been a bit of a pain in the butt. Working and paying bills and trying to find a roommate have occupied my thoughts. I'm hoping once things settle down again that my blogging and writing will take a more regular turn and we'll have weekly updates again instead of quick monthly ones.

Also, new blog picture thanks to the wonderful Michael Abella. He is my hero. That is all as it is time for work. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It has definitely been a while.

I know that I am yet again giving apologies, but there was some family things that I needed to take care of. My grandmother passed away at the end of July and to be quite honest, I hadn't done anything the week prior to her passing and since then. It's been emotional and draining and I didn't have much in me.

Now, I've started something that I've been toying with for over a year now. And, it's definitely NOT easy. It entails creating my own mythology surrounding a kind of creature, making it work, using what's there, melding it to what I need. It is so much work, but I'm kind of jazzed about it. I have index cards in different colors on my doors at the moment and its kind of funny. They're all grouped together by different catagories. Seems a little more orderly than I usually am, but we'll see how it works.

For now, I'm going to go try to write as much as I can tonight. I don't get a lot of time to work since I've got a full time job, but since other authors make it work, I've got to suck it up and do this. No more excuses.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do You Honestly Expect Me To Believe We Could Ever Be The Same?

So, it's been kind of a crazy week with everything that's been going on. No excuse, but I let most things get away from me. But considering I've become productive again, I'm just gonna take it and run with it.

I spent two hours writing in Barnes and Noble yesterday. Sometimes I do my best writing in places like that, where I have my music on really loud so I can't hear anything but I can see people moving around and doing things, interacting. So I'm not completely detached but I can focus on what I'm doing. Ended up needing a new notebook which is very exciting. I rewarded myself with new pens and post its. I love post its. They're my weakness; ask anyone. My family used to put them in my Christmas stocking. It's a sickness.

Anyways, this new idea is stemming from one that I'd mentioned previously regarding the guy who was in the Army. Well, I have an actual plot idea, which is pretty cool so I'm trying to write as much as I can. He's interesting and I'm still diving into him. For a while, there won't be anything typed up, either. I'm going to do what I did in college when I wrote stories or fanfiction (yes, I was one of those. Still known to dabble when the mood strikes. Don't judge.) where I wrote everything out by hand first and then from paper to computer was a revision. We'll see how well that goes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

And all the things that you never ever told me...

When you find out someone is sick, it's very strange. It's the uncertain feeling, like you're not sure if you should be mad at someone or not. I don't really have anyone to be mad at right now. It isn't anyone's fault. And there isn't anything that anyone can do about it, so all that you can do is pray and try to be there for each other. I found out last night that my grandmother is dying from a very rare brain disease. It isn't something that's easy to deal with, obviously, but it is something that I have to deal with. As a writer, it's an interesting moment to see how people interact, how people come together to support us in this time. People take so much for granted and it's funny how to the story in my head is about someone who takes who he is for granted and then when that's gone, he doesn't know how to deal with it. But I think I'm putting him on hold for a little while.

Right now I want to write a tribute to the woman my grandmother is. She grew up in Brooklyn, worked as a nurse and lived all over the place, including the Philippines. She has always been a constant in my life and not just as my family member. She is an inspiration, involved in everything she can possibly be involved in. Always strong, she was my spiritual guidance, my go to when I wasn't feeling well. I have never known a woman with the strength and perseverance of my grandmother. One day I hope to write someone like her, but for now I can only try to get my feelings for her down on paper.

For those of you who read my blog, and I know you are few at the moment, but I ask for your prayers and to keep my family and myself in your hearts. We will have a trying time ahead of us and I know we will all need the support of good friends and kind people. Thank you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Give It All My Oxygen

Been an interesting day. Went visiting all over the place and met some nice people. Worked on the website some ( so that was mildly productive. The only thing I didn't like about today was that I didn't really write anything. This makes me sad. Granted, I am writing a blog right, now which is good, but I didn't write anything story wise. So maybe as soon as I post this, I can open Pages and get something actually out there. I need to get focused and start working towards something.

I might try running with the idea I'd been working on the other night, about the guy in the Army. I think he might be a fun character to wrap my head around. Not my usual, but I think I should start simple and work my way up. Not sure what to name him yet, though. I want him to be someone people looked up to because he was brave. Now that he's stuck at a desk, that mentality has changed some. He needs to feel a purpose in what he's doing. Gee, I wonder where he's coming from. Let's see how this pans out.

OH! I almost forgot. I have a Twitter now too. Please follow!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been completely MIA lately and I'm sorry. I let life get away from me yet again and haven't focused on what I needed to be doing to get ahead as a writer. Let's just say this is take two on my trying to get better.

I've had a lot of great character ideas, especially while at work. One of my coworkers mentioned a certain kind of person, one of those action hero types and this person started to evolve in my brain. He had been someone who came from a broken home and did the only this he could do to feel involved: he joined the army. Working hard, he climbed the ranks, thinking he'd finally found a place to belong. But when he got hurt and was slated to a desk job and with that, he had to figure out where his place was when he wasn't on a battlefield.

Then my head keeps going and I start a romance novel in my head and I'm not sure I want to go that route. If I do, it'll be more like a realistic story and I'm not sure this is what I want to do.... Any suggestions?

Also, my website will be under going a MAJOR overhaul and there will be a twitter up soon. I have to be good about this and the more things I have to try to do everyday, the better I'll be. I can't keep letting events and life get in the way of what I want.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

They Taped Over Your Mouth

I will never understand why people are the way they are.  There are these habits that seem to be engrained in people's heads and despite their best efforts to try and get rid of them or improve themselves, they can't.  Maybe it has to do with what my co-worker was talking about, working on strengths and trying to develop them.  I know that a character that is completely without weakness is a terrible idea (I know Mary-Sues were always bad in the role-playing game world - ick.) but sometimes it isn't easy to create a character that is believable and not a walking cliché (Thank you Professor Westermann).

But people have these quirks and ticks that make them "normal" by societies standards.  And then there are the ones that are weird or strange, something that seems to be a completely relative term to anyone who is looking at a person.  So, how as a writer, do you approach this?  Does it have to do with how you personally view something or do you go with the social norms?  It's the kind of thing that seems to make my brain hurt.  A lot.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But it's Alright, I'm Alright, Just Dance

Who knew that talking to a good friend and dance music could make it better?

Apparently not me.  After having one of those up and down days, it took a long conversation with someone and a random dance mix on my iPod seemed to make me feel better.  It might be cheesy, but it works.  So where are the stories about that?  About friends that keep us grounded and sane when every little things seems to be going wrong?  Maybe they're all in the Young Adult or Teen section, but even if they are, I think that the rest of the world need it too.  Like a mini ego boost, to see that there are people out there that are exactly like you and your friends.  Granted, I'm not the best at writing these kinds of stories, but a girl can dream, right?  

And on that note and with this very short, more personal entry, I head to bed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

So Wrap Around Me and Baby, Let's Dance

It seems that I have discovered something. The more emotionally involved I feel in a story, in a character, the more it sticks with me.  (Okay, so that part isn't news to me, but here is the good stuff, I promise.)  But if I'm too invested, if I think too much about the characters, what I want them to do, or if I put too much of myself in them, I never seem to finish what I'm working on.  I was writing the other day to a lyrical prompt I gave myself about a girl who just found out about a friend's engagement.  Since that had happened to me that day (literally an hour or so before), I couldn't finish it.  It wasn't something I wanted to read, let alone write.  This whole thing is trial and error; I suppose that makes each error a learning experience and I should just chalk it up to that.  

Disappointment is an emotion I seem to be feeling a lot lately.  Not just in regards to work, though that's there, but in regards to family, friends, finances.  As good as things are, there are still life's disappointments. Someone didn't come over when they said they would.  Another friend decided to go someplace without you.  A family member forgot your birthday.  Your good friend wasn't sympathetic when you needed he or she to be.  But sometimes you need to store that away for another day.  Sometimes it's just not the time for that story about the girl who's friends all seem to be getting married or having babies.  Maybe now isn't that time for a novel about a young woman holding out for her soulmate.  Maybe now is the time for stories about finding love or starting fresh.  Maybe if you write about what you want to happen, about positive things (not personal things), it'll be easier.  Or maybe it'll be that day to write something that makes you cry, just so you get it out and can move on.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Darker the Secret, the Harder You Keep It - Part II

So here is the prompt.  Figured it was easier to show people on here than carry my computer around to everyone.  So here goes...

“The Darker the Secret, the Harder You Keep It”

It never made much sense to him why she had just left.  He'd seen her through thick and thin, having grown up with her.  They used to hide out in the park, waiting until the last possible moment to go home before getting into big trouble.  Their spot moved further away from the park when he got his driver's license, having found a good spot not far from the make-out spot all the seniors frequented.  The two of them were inseparable, always had been.  And he knew her to be one of the strongest people he knew, handling anything that came her way with a sense of grace that most teenagers could never display.  

Being that James had known her since they were two, he had a feeling there were certain things she didn't tell him.  It hadn't always been like that.  They used to go into in depth conversations about their significant others or stay up late and gossip about the people at school.  As they grew up, these conversations ended up being complaints about their families and their teachers and the guy who cut them off on their way to work.  To James, it seemed they were growing apart and he did his best to change that, but there was something about her that was different.  And that different part of her didn't want much to do with people of her past.  

He had tried for a short while after that to figure out what had changed in his best friend.  It couldn't have been school because they had kept up their friendship all through freshman year despite being three states apart.  It wasn't his parents' divorce, because she called him every night after she found out and let him break down when they saw each other at the beginning of the summer.  James never understood what could have happened to her to change her so completely.  

It took a few years for him to hear from her again.  She asked to meet him at their spot.  James arrived, holding two peach Snapples and a bag of pizza Combos, their usual snack.  It almost surprised him how much he remembered from those days, the gold old days he never thought he’d talk about like that.  She seemed surprised too.

“Hey,” she said, hands stuck in the back pockets of her jeans.   Her face seemed paler to him, like she hadn’t been sleeping.  Or spending much time outdoors.  

James hugged her and it was as awkward as he’d prayed it wouldn’t be.  They sat in his car and munched in silence.  He felt like the filled pretzels were getting lodged in his throat and after a few minutes of no talking, he finally cleared his throat.

“What happened to us?”

She didn’t answer, staring out at the trees around them.  He sighed and slouched a little in his seat.  Things had changed and he hated that, hated not knowing what was going on with her, with them.  Where was the girl he’d known all those years?

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was soft, quiet, as though she might break the moment, him, herself.  James didn’t know.  Reaching out, he touched her shoulder and she flinched.  

“Maybe this was a bad idea,” he said, looking out the window.  

They sat there for hours, minutes, days, who knows.  All James could feel was the tension in the air and the pain rolling off his childhood best friend in waves.  At one point, he heard her sniffle and he handed her a tissue from the small pack he kept in his cup holder, his head hitting the little yellow tree air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.  

“Thanks.”  She blew her nose and wiped her eyes, turning to him.  “What I meant to say was that I’m sorry I never told you, that I couldn’t tell you.  I just had to...”  Her voice trailed off and her eyes looked back out to the woods.  “I had to deal with some things on my own.  My family, they were there for me, tried to help me, but if they couldn’t, I didn’t think you could either.”

Turning as best he could without the steering wheel jabbing into his side, James looked at her, looking into her eyes and wondered when they’d gotten so dull.  “Help you through what?” he asked softly, gently, approaching her the way he would approach a frightened child on the street.

“I made a mistake.  I trusted someone I shouldn’t have and I made a mistake.”  Her body seemed to deflate as she fell into his arms, crying against his shoulder.  This was the closest they’d been in years, but James held her like he used to, hand rubbing her back, smoothing over her hair as she wept.  He’d never liked seeing her like this, more so now because he didn’t know what was causing it.  

When her body stopped shaking, she rested against him for a few long moments and he didn’t know if she was gathering strength or just didn’t want to talk anymore.  Either way, he’d never been the kind to push her.  

Pulling back, she wiped at his eyes.  “I was dating that guy, remember when I told you about him?” Flipping back through memories, he tried to find the name of her boyfriend at the time, the last boyfriend he’d probably heard her talk about.  “Pat.”  James nodded.  “Well, we were dating for about a month and one night we went to this party.  He was planning on joining this fraternity.  I was just trying to be supportive, but you know how I felt about greek life.”  Her fingers made quotes in the air as she said the last two words.  He remembered she hated the sorority girls; they reminded her too much of the cheerleaders in high school.  

“I don’t know exactly how it happened, but we were upstairs in the hallway, just the two of us.  I didn’t mind that we were making out or that there would be a few people who randomly walked back and forth.  Pat was really sweet and I trusted him.  I thought there might be a chance that he was falling for me.  I knew I was just starting to fall for him.  Everything felt so perfect.

“Next thing I know, one of the older guys in the frat came up to us and asked to talk to Pat for a minute.  He kissed my cheek and told me he’d be right back.  I waited in the hallway, smoothing out my clothes a little and trying to look like I hadn’t just been going at it with my boyfriend in the hallway.”  She gave him the ghost of a smile and he thought he could see the girl he’d once known, despite the fact that he had a knot growing in his stomach at her words.

“I’m not sure how long he’d been gone, but at one point someone handed me something to drink.  I know I’m not supposed to just take random drinks from people, so I held on to it, not wanting to be rude, but knowing that leaving it on the floor after the person left probably wouldn’t be sure a bad thing.  Pat came back to me a few moments later and wrapped his arms around me.  I asked him what was up and he just said pledge business, told me it wasn’t a big deal.  

“That red cup was set on the floor next to me and we were back to the way we were before, making out, enjoying the fact that no one on that floor seemed to care very much.  It didn’t take long for him to get a little more forceful, which, I’ll admit, was kind of thrilling.”  

She looked up at his eyes, having told most of this story staring at the little monkey laying on his dashboard.  James felt like he was going to be sick, seeing how much this hurt her, how long she’d been holding on to what she was telling him.  

“But soon it wasn’t so much fun.  His hands started to hurt and he was grabbing at me and pushing my skirt up.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but not there, not like that.  So I stopped kissing him and told him to stop.  Pat just tried to soothe me, but it wasn’t working and I stopped responding completely and told him to stop.  He didn’t like that.  ‘Come on, baby’ he’d said.  ‘Don’t you love me? It’ll be fun.’”  Her eyes went out to the woods again, causing her to miss James’ hand clenching, wanting to look up this Pat and give him a piece of his mind after giving him a piece of his fist.

“I... He get really forceful and I started to struggle.  I told him to stop, to get off me, to leave me alone, thinking that if I made enough noise someone would come help me.  When I looked up, there was no one around.  The place felt deserted, the music from the party downstairs sounding more and more distant.  I think I slapped him at one point, which he definitely didn’t like.  Finally, I did the one thing I could think of:  I shoved him off me.”

Her voice broke and a tear slid down her cheek.  He let his hand rest on her shoulder and her own reached up towards it.  “I think he must have tripped on something.  For the longest time I thought it was my cup.  But he stumbled a little and fell down the stairs.  I screamed and ran down to him, but he wasn’t moving.  The brothers came and looked at him, looked at me and someone called the cops.”  

It was a few minutes before she could speak again.  “His eyes were open and he was just looking at me like I’d betrayed him.  And I had.  I was the reason he fell down the stairs.  The rest of the night was a blur, but the next morning, I was sitting at the police station when they told me he’d died on the operating table.  He’d been paralyzed, but they were trying to relieve the pressure on his brain.  My parents came to get me and eventually, they ruled it an accident, that he was trying to take advantage of me and I was trying to defend myself.”

He couldn’t believe that she’d kept that from him, that she had gone through that all by herself and hadn’t come to him.  “I was so ashamed.  I mean, I killed someone.  It doesn’t matter what they say about it being an accident or self defense. I killed someone I cared about.  My parents, they sent me some place to help me cope, because they saw they couldn’t do it at home.  Every time I looked at them, I wondered if I was capable of hurting them too.”  

James wiped at the tears on her cheeks and she looked up at him and for the first time he saw her.  “James, I couldn’t tell you.  I didn’t want to see the way you’d look at me.  I didn’t want to hurt you too.  When I was away, I realized that by not talking to you, I was hurting you too.  And myself.  It killed me to not talk to you.”  She gave him that little half smile; that was his smile.

“I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

He pulled her close and held her tightly.  “I am so sorry.  I’m sorry for what happened, that you couldn’t tell me, that I wasn’t there for you through this.  It wasn’t your fault.”  James didn’t need to know anything else.  He knew it wasn’t her fault.  She never wanted something like this to happen.  “Kate, it wasn’t your fault.”

Her face was buried in his shoulder.  “I know that now.  I do.  Promise.”  They sat like that for a while, not moving, just holding each other.  The years that had passed meant nothing.  James closed his eyes and squeezed her tightly until he heard her giggle.

“What?” he asked, pulling back a little to look at her, watching her laugh.

“You always do that.  Squeeze when you think I need it and I end up not being able to breathe.”

He had to laugh at that.  In that moment, he knew they’d be okay, that she would be okay.  And that they could get their old times back.  They sat there as the sun started to set, laughing and listening to the radio, just like old times.

The Darker the Secret, the Harder You Keep It

Just finished a writing prompt given to me by a friend on her blog.  I told myself that I would write for an hour today and I wrote over 1500 words in forty minutes. I think that's a big accomplishment for someone who's got writer's block.  But in writing that little short story, I realized that I might not be ready to jump back into writing a novel.  I think I should work on some more prompts or possible some short stories of my own prompting to get back into the right groove.  It's not easy and I just want to get something out of my system some days.  

Back in January and then a month or so ago, I just wanted, well needed really, to get something out of my system.  So I turned off the tv and turned on my iTunes and wrote it out.  The first time it was this story about this man who loses the woman he loves when she gives birth to their child.  It was tragic, but something I'd never actually experiences.  And yet, as I was writing, I was crying for him, for the child he had but couldn't look at, for the future he'd lost.  It was heart breaking and even reading it now makes me cry. 

The second time, it was a young woman being approached by someone she'd been in a relationship with who wanted her back.  That one I knew personally.  It's hard to just cut someone out of your life, especially when you cared for them so deeply.  And then to see them again, to be reminded of how you felt, how much they had been a part of your life.  It isn't easy.  Being human and caring isn't easy.  We all have secrets, regrets, choices that we are forced to make that no one saw coming.  It's messy and it hurts but it's part of living.  Maybe that's something I have to remind myself of when looking into characters.

I might post the prompt later, depending on how I'm feeling.  And how much my friend enjoys it.

A Fun and Interesting Evening

So tonight I went to church with a friend.  While there, the main message of the night had a lot to do with letting ourselves be healed from the inside out.  I have a feeling that there might be some kind of spirituality for the main character in my book.  After everything that people go through, something has to give them hope, something has to keep them moving forward.  It isn't easy.  Kind of like writing.  Nothing is easy in this world, but it can bring a person joy.

After church, we stopped by a going away party for a friend.  And it was rather epic.  We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot.  It reminded me why I like my job and why people are interesting.  Everyone has little personality quirks and it makes things like going out and playing some games and drinking all the more entertaining.  It felt good to laugh like that. Its the little things that add to the joy.

The real question is then, what makes a character tick?  Do they focus on the positive when they can?  Do they take joy in the little things?  That's the real question that needs to be answered when pushing towards what motivates a character.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Introduction

So I'm giving this a try at the suggestion of another writer I know.  My name is Morgana and I'm a writer.  I've been suffering from writer's block for a while now and it's really getting to me.  My intention for this blog is to provide a journal to use, to keep my thoughts flowing and to maybe get some feedback or suggestions from other people out there.  I know this whole writing process takes time, but I really want to accomplish something with my writing.  So many books have influenced me, taken me to a different world, a different place, where the characters really got to me.  That's all I want to do, to know that there is at least one person out there who felt something from my work.

Being twenty three, I'm trying to balance working full time at a job I love, despite the little headaches any job provides, spending time with my friends and working on my writing.  Some days it feels next to impossible.  Life keeps throwing me curve balls and I'm doing my best to hit them all.  Living on Long Island isn't the easiest most days, but I'm trying because I grew up here; this is everything I know.  One day there will be time for an adventure, but not now.

I have two projects going at the moment.  One is a novel about the future, one I've been working on for over a year now.  I've gotten about fifty pages in and I'm stuck.  I think part of it is because I've been focused on it, how I see it ending that I'm not sure how to get there.  The other came about as a result of a conversation I had with a good friend while at church one day.  We spend our lives looking for the right person and we're rarely prepared for when we actually meet them.  So why not try to be ready, to put together something for that special person?  Who knows if it will even work, but I'm going to give it a try.

This is me and who I am.  I'm looking forward to the journey and hopefully other people are too. :)