Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01.19.10 - Hero/Heroine

She sat in the library, notebook open in front of her. He could see her pen move and could almost picture the smooth letters taking shape on the page. Being lab partners, he'd seen her notes, knew that she had to rewrite them every night so they looked pristine. Perfectionist. That was an understatement.

But he found it intoxicating.

There was something unassuming about Isadora. Sure, everyone called her Izzy (or freak) but he saw the girl underneath the baggy sweatshirts proclaiming school spirit she never had and the jeans that seemed one size too big. He always caught her humming to herself and he remembered how she'd freaked out when he'd once commented on it, like her melodies weren't for the ears of mere mortals. But he was not a normal teen. He would never be normal, no matter how many cheerleaders fawned over him. No matter how many of the so-called popular guys took him under their wing and befriended him. Secretly, he'd be a freak.

Just like her.

That was why he could never tell her that he thought she was different, beautiful. He couldn't expose her to what he was. It had nothing to do with how others saw her. Their ignorance didn't change how beautiful he thought she was. His family wouldn't be pleased. In his heart, he'd always known that fact wouldn't matter to him when finding someone to connect with. Despite being able to look passed what his family would say, that the clan would do if he brought in an outsider, he would never get over the fact that who, or rather what, he was could kill her.

Still, it didn't stop him from imagining. She'd taste liek sugar, maybe vanilla. Her skin looked impossibly soft. More than once, he'd gotten lost in her eyes while talking to her. And dont' get him started on her hair. It was the object of his obsession, picturing what it would be like, down around her face, how it would feel sliding between his fingers. She was the object of fantasy, just on the other side of the lab table. The fantasy he could never have.

But he knew. If he could have her?

Her love would be the sweetest sin.

Inspired by the song, "Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls, this snippet is told from the perspective of the as of yet unnamed male character in Siren's Kiss, one of the two book ideas waging war in my head.

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